Optare Partner at TADHack 2014 – Madrid


Here you’ll see our vision, and details of our participation, at the TADHack 2014.

On 6th and 7th June, the first TADHack (Telecom Application Development Hackathon) was celebrated in Madrid with more than 600 inscribed developers and the presence of very relevant vendors and service exposure / WebRTC platforms. It’s an unusual and yet very practical event, and the assistants were able to access the different vendor platforms, so being user friendly was key: developers should be able to integrate their applications with the telecom services in less than 24 hours. That is a big challenge for the participants but also for the sponsors.


Optare Solutions participated in the event as partner with the Oracle Communications team. In less than three weeks, we were able to deploy and configure all the Oracle platform to support the event and the developers who wanted to develop their applications using the Oracle products. We provided:

  • A web page where developers were able to register and find all the required documentation.
  • Telecom Service Exposure using Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper to provide access to messaging, location and payment APIs.
  • WebRTC services using Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller and the SDK to develop real-time applications using the browser.
  • Example Applications to learn how to use the Telecom APIs in mobile Apps or how to add WebRTC functionalities to web pages and processes.
  • Support to developers, before the event using a ticketing system and also directly at the event.

Optare Solutions team identified two main challenges from the beginning:

  • The platform should be available as soon as possible but security, stability and reliability are key so they have to be guaranteed. We didn’t know the number of developers who would use our platform so we had to be able to scale our Oracle applications in a simple and immediate way. To achieve this, we used different approaches such as virtual environments, load balancing and Weblogic tunning.
  • It wasn’t necessary to have the most complete platform because if developers see it as something too complex or obsolete they won’t use it. Therefore we concentrated on making it easy to use, we had created videos and howtos explaining in a very clear language how to start working with the environment in minutes. We also included cool features and a fresh web page design.

The event turned out to be a great success. The environment was up & running all the time (100% availability) and some of the developers congratulated us for its user friendly and the cool features design,With our help getting started, it was found comfortable and easy to develp .

In short, for the following reasons Optare Solutions has proved an ideal partner to participate in these events:

  • We are a company focused in telecom market: we know the technologies, the environment and we are very comfortable working with communication service providers, vendors and big system integrators. Our customers can delegate their project to us with the confidence that it will be done exactly how they would .
  • We are a medium – sized company, so we are very agile and we are constantly up to date with the lastest technologies. We know how to engage developers to participate in this type of event and use Service Delivery Platforms. We can speak their language and anticipate their requirements.

It is precisely our ability to mix the Telco and IT worlds which makes Optare Solutions the prefect choice to deploy and integrate telecom service exposure and WebRTC solutions. In fact, we also participated in the TADHack developing some hacks, a review your bill web-page and application to buy soccer trading cards using direct carrier billing.

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