About us

Our history: Why we are “Natural Born Telco”

Optare Solutions was founded to provide technical consulting on new complex services fulfillment for a Spanish startup Telco in 2002. As we helped them to support a ten-fold business growth in less than 5 years, we also grew and gained expertise along with them.

During these years other Telecom companies have required our services, and we continue helping them to grow, increase their efficiency, and become a “Lean operator”. Meanwhile we have grown as a company, with more team, more training, and more focused on specific working areas within the OSS/BSS scope.

More than 15 years working this way, exclusively for the Telecoms Industry, haven’t but made us even more “Natural Born Telco”

Positioning: What we do

Optare Market Focus

Optare Solutions offers Consulting Services, Develop and/or deployment Projects and Training Services, to help their Clients to streamline their Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

More than 15 years of experience, working exclusively in the Telecoms Market, and a specialized team make us the right choice to fulfill System Integration demands for any CSP and other Telecoms related Companies.

Why Clients choose us

Because of our specialization, and hands-on experience in the Telecoms industry, especially in OSS, we know and understand our Clients’ drives and requirements, beyond the technology.

Because we are a flexible, medium sized, mature company with extensive experience, and our commitments, with project goals and Client objectives, go further than the average. We know “We are as good as our last project”

Focus Areas

Optare Solutions has three focus areas within the OSS/BSS space in the Telecoms Market : Order Management, Network Applications, and Solutions & Integration

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