Regulated Processes Solutions


(ES) A solution designed to handle most of the Telecom regulated processes including Number Portability, LLU, WLR, CPS, and even country specific FTTx regulations. The platform isolates the regulated processes from the business ones.

Regulated Processes

Regulated processes have become, in many countries with liberalized telephony market, one of the business pillars, particularly for non-incumbents operators. Probably the most important process is Number Portability, but in the foundation of the business cases of many fixed, convergent, and broadband product families, there are other processes like local loop unbundling (LLU), Wholesale Line Rental (WLR), carrier pre-selection (CPS) or Lawful Interception (LI). These processes are different from country to country but share common characteristics like messaging, long duration, complex state transitions and “incumbent difficulties”.

Optare’s Regulated Processes Solution

Based on the previous experience of developing this kind of systems for different Telecom companies, Optare Solutions developed a solution based on the idea of a Regulated Process Platform.

Regulated Processes Architecture

The challenges of this platform go beyond complying with the messaging and following some steps. The big advantages of this solution are the capabilities for:

  • Isolating Backend systems from changes in the regulation, making clearly independent Business logic and external processes.
  • Grouping requests to decrease cost per line and improve customer experience.
  • Modifying requests on the fly with minimum impact on the provisioning process.
  • Permitting automated and manual tasks, assisting the user in the completion of the manual tasks.
  • Synchronizing operations to reduce workforce expenses and provisioning time.
  • Automating error handling, according to the experience.
  • Reporting, in a centralized way, user statistics, work orders data, …

This solution is based on standards like SOA, OSS/J and TMforum’s SID, making easy its integration with the existing Back-End Systems. The whole solution it’s provided in a robust and efficient technology platform permitting scalability and high- availability.

Proven Expertise

Optare Solutions, in the last 10 years, has delivered several projects in the field of regulated processes for different carriers. For all this projects, the common element was an isolated platform to handle the processes, independent from core processes, where the tailoring required by regulation takes place.

R Cable: WLR and mobile portability R Cable is the Galician (Spain) cable operator. Optare developed for R Cable the system to manage WLR and Numeric Portability orders and the integration with the provisioning orchestrating tool (Vitria Order Accelerator).

Vodafone Spain: LLU, WLR, CPS & portability Comunitel (now part of Vodafone Group in Spain) was the first operator in Spain to provide broadband access using LLU back in 2002. During these years we developed and evolved a complete solution to handle efficiently LLU and also WLR, CPS, while Number Portability is on a similar platform.

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