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Optare has an API Gateway environment ready to show from the Operator point of view.

Telecom Services Exposure

Telecom operators houses many interesting information and services related with their subscribers, proceeding from the network (as location or SMS capabilities) or from their management systems (as Billing capabilities).

Access to this information and services are usefull for the subscribers, but also for Third-Party partners in order to incorporate into their own applications.

How sharing happens?

The complex network protocols and capabilities are transformed into easy to consum Web Services. Third-Party partners can easily register through a Web Portal and begin to use the API.

Is it Network API Exposure a good Business?

For 2015 it is expected a revenue opportunity of $115 billion.

Services with more expectations are related with calls (click-to-call, meet me at my number, alerting, etc) and payments (across third-party goods and services).


Currently it is estimated that 24% of Web uses APIs (15% in the case of mobile apps). And this number is going to increase, expecting that 68% of Web will use any kind of API by 2018.

Third-Party partners and developpers will need more and more resources to create new and usefull applications. They will enjoy with the possibilities that a Telecom API can offer them.

What do we think about?

If telecom operators are able to provide an adequate API platform, they will definitely obtain new ways of monetizing their network.

Optare has an API Gateway environment ready to show from the Operator point of view. Lets see some details

Key Points

  • Network API Gateway based on Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.1
  • Telco Service Exposure based on standards (Parlay X and OneAPI interfaces)
  • Partner Management through a Web Portal for statistics obtention and SLAs negotiation
  • Policy Control allowing adequate access to network
  • Service Creation in order to extend the platform with new value added service features
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“Currently 24% of Web uses API’s (15% in the case of mobile apps). In 2018 this number is going to increase till 68%”




Optare has an API Gateway enviroment ready to show from the Operator point of view. Contact us for more information.

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