Customer Experience & Quality of Experience


A brand is not defined by its own perception but for what its customers say about. Our solution helps making service offered and customer´s experience of its use a single reality.

Customer Experience

In the current socio-economic environment, it is becoming more important for telecommunication service providers to reduce churn and the cost of attracting new customers (retention campaigns, re sizing of CACs, negative marketing, …).

For this reason, it becomes more important for Telecommunication Operators to measure and understand the quality perceived by customers in relation to the services provided in a given environment, with the aim to use this knowledge to take actions to both improve this perception and add value to the commercial offer.


Optare’s CxP Solution

Optare is currently working on “turn-key”, scalable solutions that allow to better understand Telecom Customers

Our solution is based on the utilization of subjective models, to measure End-to-End customer perception of the services delivered by the operator (Quality of Experience), including customer device and local network segment.

Information relative to the Quality of Experience in the use of services allows to enrich Customer Experience knowledge and customer-provider relationship, making possible to increase Customer Satisfaction and enhance fidelization.


Some possibilities of our solution are :

  • Facilitates the work of field technicians and call center, by helping them to respond to customer issues with concrete actions.
  • Allows performing proactive actions before problems are detected or reported by customers.
  • Facilitates pattern detection in customer services quality, in order to design improvement strategic plans.

6 laws of Customer Experience:

  1. Every interaction creates a personal reaction.
  2. People are instinctively self-centered.
  3. Customer familiarity breeds alignment.
  4. Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.
  5. Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.
  6. You can’t fake it.




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