Augura Managed Service: The first Telco Predictive Analytics solution for Service Providers


Our team of Telco Specialists and Data Scientists, combined with a state-of-the-art platform featuring the latest Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, delivers a true Telco Predictive Analytics Managed Service

Augura is the decision making service and platform that Optare Solutions has specifically developed for the telecommunications industry. We offer a powerful team formed by Telco Specialists and highly specialized Data Scientists, and a state-of-the-art platform featuring the latest Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, which combined are capable of delivering a Predictive Analytics Managed Service uniquely focused on the telco environment.

Augura LogoOptare Solutions’ extensive track record as a vendor and as a system integrator and our deep knowledge of Communication Service Providers (CSPs), is behind our capacity to offer Augura as a Managed Service solution. Via this Managed Service approach, Augura quickly delivers high-value business insights which can be integrated into existing Telco systems thus reducing the costs and burden of more traditional analytical tools.

Augura learns, adapts and predicts behaviours to the CSP, positively impacting the efficiency of the decision-making process across the entire Telco ecosystem of partners, customers and stakeholders.


The Augura approach

As an analytics predictive solution, Augura is focused on answering or resolving complex business CSP questions and issues.


Augura Managed Services offers the following advantages:

  • Low initial investment.
  • Pay-as-you-grow.
  • Low IT Department involvement (Maintenance and Complex platforms management)
  • High level of Integration with CSP stack
  • Automated processes: Data ingestion, transformation, model creation and prediction outcomes
  • Close relationship with final user and full alignment with business objectives.
  • Powerful and easy to use management dashboards with different views and roles
  • User friendly interface for configuration and generation of simulated scenarios

Use Cases :

  • Personalized offers and churn/retention management
  • Campaign optimization
  • Network optimization
  • Suscriber data monetization
  • Incidences and calls to CAC prediction
  • Customer profiling
  • Process optimization
  • Fraud detection

Augura Architecture :

Augura interoperates seamlessly with the existing BSS/OSS stack and other external data sources –such as Social Media—,  with a southbound integration layer and a Data Ingestion Module. Both components can scale up to accommodate any data input bandwidth and speed requirements, avoiding intrusive effects in third-party systems.

The Augura core is formed by a data management layer and the machine learning analytics core. Both modules are built with a Big-Data design and functionality approach in order to achieve the highest performance rations and horizontally scalable solutions.

Augura provides template dashboards which can be customized to give business-areas the information they need.

Augura Arquitectura

Our flexible technical solution:

  • Allows the use of a variety of sources:  from Files, SQL & NoSQL DataBase, web scraping, social media, etc.
  • Performs different data quality checks during and after ingestion of data to ensure data relevance.
  • Ensures encryption and anonymization of data in accordance with data protection and privacy laws.
  • Uses the best fit data mining techniques depending on the use case.
  • Uses Telco-specific logic developed exclusively for Augura.
  • Offers a rich dashboard to configure the analysis and view the results.
  • Refines learned-upon insights, to adapt to changing business conditions.
  • Can produce a set of actionable suggestions or embedded business logic for business transformation
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