Augura: Predictive Analytics Service for R Cable


Optare Solutions’ Predictive Analytics Service, based on Machine Learning allows R Cable to have the necessary forecasts to reduce Churn, move from Retention to Loyalty and substantially increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

Optare Solutions has been working for over two years in the field of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, through R&D projects like Alchemy and BDA4T. These projects  allowed Optare Solutions teams to keep abreast of the state of art technologies, and the results obtained led to start in 2015 a Predictive Analytics Service that is enabling R Cable to:

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–       Reduce 25 % a churn rate which was already low in comparison with other companies in the area.

–       Move from Retention to Loyalty, reducing costs, enhancing the specialization of call center teams and getting a positive impact in brand image.

–       Increase significantly cross-sell & up-sell rates in loyalty campaigns, identifying not only churners, but also the reasons of churn.

–       Make accesible to front office teams new information to enrich Customer 360º View.

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And since our goal is to ‘Help our customers to answer their business questions mainly with their own data’, new use cases have been incorporated within this service : Predictive campaigns, Multimedia Content recommendation,  Segmentation and Customer Positioning.

If you want to know more details about our solution or the use cases we are working on, contact Fernando Lamela (

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