Fixed Number Portability in 24h


The regulatory changes require operators to make major changes to their systems to meet new and challenging reactivity targets. Vodafone, in collaboration with Optare Solutions and IBM gets to be prepared within the initial planning defined by the CMT


To adapt to the European Directives 2002/22/EC and 2009/136/EC (universal service and users policies) which defined a delay of one business day for portability, and following the directives of the record published on October the 16th, 2009 which established the obligation to reduce the time of portability, CMT agreed to approve on April the 26th, 2012 the resolution on the modification of the technical specification of the administrative procedures for the preservation of fixed numbers when changing operator (fixed number portability), which reduces portability delay to one business day (before it could Vary between 3 and 5 business days).


Vodafone needed to reduce the time taken by provisionning processes and systems since the breach of the terms in the new specification for fixed number portability could both generate dissatisfaction among its clients and carry penalties imposed by the CMT.

Our Solution

Optare Solutions team, based on the knowledge acquired during its trajectory, revised all processes and systems involved and defined a set of improvements on Vodafone Spain Fixed Number Portability systems with the aim to:

  • Improve system performances and reduce the portability delay.
  • To provide a high-availability platform, avoiding outages and data loss.
  • Ensure correct exchange of information between Vodafone and the Reference Entity.

To achieve the objectives of Fixed Number Portability in 24h our team implemented, in a very short period of time, a set of technological enhancements including :

  • RapidoWeblogic 12c Active-Active Cluster with automatic service migration in case of node failure
  • JMS Queuing for information exchange between components.
  • Parallel processing of multiple requests
  • Database access optimization:
    • Migration to the latest version of Oracle database
    • JPA (Java Persistence API) implementation to facilitate the relationship between objects and database tables using object-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Message prioritization mechanisms.
  • Reissues/retries automation.
  • Process monitoring

After successfully passing rigorous load tests in a controlled environment, Optare Solutions, IBM and Vodafone recorded their capacity to deploy in production environment in accordance with the initial planning set by the CMT, passing in April 2013 certification tests made against the Reference Entity.

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