Smart Home


Optare Solutions team is actually working with one of its customers in the implementation of a scalable solution for Smart Home management.


The evolution and accessibility of technology, fixed and mobile network deployment  and increasing smartphone penetration rates associated with data plans that allow us to stay connected virtually anytime and anywhere, make more evident the reality of the ability to remotely control a wide range of parameters of our homes, such as temperature, security and power consumption.

To this we must add all the steps that have been taken in recent years in the so-called Internet of Things and the interest aroused by its applications.


The end customer benefits are obvious, comfort, value and energy savings, as well as security.  For the operator, a new way to monetize their infrastructure and to exploit their ability to provide services to its clients that enable to value its catalog and to obtain competitive differentiation.

Optare´s Solution

Aware of the course that follows the market and the type of solutions that telco customers demand to Optare Solutions, we are working with one of our customers in the implementation of a scalable technology solution for Smart Home in charge of the operation, provision, access and reception of heterogeneous information from sensors installed in the home of the final customer.


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