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Since its founding, Optare Solutions has worked on innovation to improve the quality of the services & solutions provided to its clients, to increase their Telecoms knowledge and to generate its own solutions for the Telecoms market. This commitment led …


Innovation project: SONATA


SONATA (Service Programming and Orchestration for Virtualized Software Networks) project is an EU-funded innovation project developing a NFV framework that provides a programming model and development toolchain for virtualized services.

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Innovation Project: Alchemy


Alchemy is an R&D project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Economy and Society in the 2014 call of “Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital (AEESD)” program

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Innovation Project: BDA4T


Collaborative R&D project funded by the Spanish organism CDTI with FEDER funds

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Innovation Project: SAUDADE


SAUDADE: Analysis of Occupational Health using computing multimodal affective signals

Innovation Project: TICE


TICE (Intelligent technologies for e-commerce) researches on different ways to meet e-commerce consumers needs, by providing a system that allows companies to improve their campaigns

Innovation Project: AIBOT


Interoperability SOA Architecture (AIBOT) for Telecom BSS/OSS systems with multiservice composition capabilities.

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Innovation Project: BATS


BATS provides a unique opportunity for the European ICT and Satellite industries to take a lead in this novel integrated system which will have a worldwide market



Next Generation External Resources Integration: The objective of this project is to research a platform to offer as a service-oriented the management process to use external resources by telecommunications operators



In the scope of the WiMove project, the consortium will work in the development of professional measurement equipment for the deployment of 4G networks, IP routing equipment for wireless networks, personal area network devices to provide capillarity for 4G networks, and provision processes for management and operation of 4G networks.


Optare Solutions, con presencia en más de 15 países, continúa su expansión internacional

(ES) *OPTARE ha pasado de ser una microempresa local a consolidarse como una de las principales consultoras nacionales especializadas en el sector Telco.


(ES) Optare Solutions recibe el indicador ARDÁN EMPRESA INNOVADORA 2017

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SONATA 3.0 Release

Agile Service Development and Orchestration in 5G Virtualised Networks

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