Optare Services

Optare Solutions is a services company focused, exclusively, in the Telecoms market, helping CSPs, SIs and Software Vendors since 2002.

We have three operational units, each one with autonomy and own teams, that allows us to maintain a high level of specific knowledge, in their own domains, and more flexibility to commit with Clients objectives.

  • Solutions & Integration: With more than 12 years of expertise in projects with some of the main Telecom companies of Spain, focus on Predictive Analytics, development, deployment, and maintenance of OSS/BSS solutions as well as complex Systems Integration.
  • Order Management: Focused on Oracle Communications Fulfillment Suite (OSM, UIM, ASAP, IPSA) as well as RODOD y RSDOD solutions.
  • Network Applications: Focused on Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) domain, ready to deliver turn-key projects for Oracle Communications SDP Solutions, as well as Professional Services and Training on their domain.

For more information follow the links in the Business Units names or you can watch our corporate brochure clicking here

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