Order Management

The Order Management Business Unit is specialized in Oracle Communications Fulfillment Suite products (OSM, UIM, ASAP, IPSA) and RODOD and RSDOD Solutions

Optare Solutions started working with Order Management Solutions in 2002, and in 2003 started the first project using MetaSolv products, which became part of Oracle Communications in 2006

Optare Solutions is specialized in Oracle Communications Fulfillmet Suite products (OSM, UIM, ASAP, IPSA) and RODOD and RSDOD solutions.

Our highly trained and skilled team of Architects and Consultants, with deep knowledge of Order Management processes and Oracle OSM, can deliver successful:

  • Turn-key projects: Sharing with you your challenges and risks
  • Consulting and Professional Services: Maximum flexibility

Oracle Communications is our strategic partner, and the collaboration ranges from sales to training

Expertise in Products

  • OSM: Product designed specifically to manage the complete lifecycle of telecommunications orders. It is used in solutions for Customer Order Management (COM), Service Order Management (SOM) and Technical Order Management (TOM)
  • UIM: Unified inventory product for service and resources inventory and also to model the services definition to be used for the Design & Assign process
  • ASAP & IPSA: Activation products which interface with the network elements

Expertise in Solutions

  • RODOD: Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery is the TMForum certified BSS order management solution which combines three elements
    • Best of breed Oracle Communications products
    • Reference architecture aligned with TMForum’s eTOM, SID and TAM
    • Prebuilt integration components between Siebel, OSM, BRM and PH4C, designed for extensibility
  • RSDOD: Rapid Service Design and Order Delivery targets the OSS part of order management. Specifically is responsible for the “Design and Assign” process and for the decoupling from Customer Facing Services (CFS) to Resource Facing Services (RFS)
    • Best of breed Oracle Communications products: OSM, UIM and ASAP&IPSA
    • Architectural blueprints
    • Decouples the service modeling from the processes, increasing reusability and reducing time to market

Oracle Communications OSM

Oracle Communications Order and Service Management is built to help customers address their long standing challenges in the end to end lifecycle of order management starting from offer design and launch, all the way through to order fulfillment and billing activation.

Its advanced capabilities for synchronized offer and service fulfillment design, automated order fallout management and in-flight order change management provide service providers the most advanced set or productized capabilities in the industry.

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