3rd party resource management

What is it

Optare Solutions 3rd Party Resource Management is a solution designed to reduce time to market and automate processes to provide services with new resources, including wholesale, shared networks between operators, OTT services, and regulated processes such as Number Portability, VULA ... The solution covers from the beginning to the end the integration of third-party resources, isolating their management from the operator's systems, reducing complexity and impact. It is based on standards that accelerate the integration with the operator's systems.


Improve the offer with new services

Complete the operator’s commercial offer with resources provided by other providers (OTTs, networks shared with other operators…)

Less time to market

Reduced costs and implementation times with a streamline integration. Add new 3rd party resources in weeks, instead of months.

Reduced costs

Reducing complexity and decoupling the management of 3rd party resources related processes from CSP systems. Put your efforts in the business, and not in technical aspects to connect with 3rd parties.

Pay as you need

Modularity to accommodate your business needs, step by step. Include 3rd party resources on demand and pay only for the modules you need.


3rd Party Resource Management is offered as a Software as a Service (Saas). This model allows tool to be delivered, mantained and upgraded remotely by our experts, serve better the operator needs, while also reducing costs. However, it could be also deployed on your own infrastructure.


Unifed access interface

Based on TMForum definition and/or a customized one


operations interface

Interface to manually manage requests facilitating gradual integration and management of locks or contingencies



Automatic and manual reports to transaction settlement


SLA Management

SLA management and warnings


interchangeable processes

Easily interchangeable processes and versions (softlaunch production enabled)


Clustered solution

Clustered solution which guarantees scaling, performance, redundancy and high availability


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