Assets Monetization
Generate new revenue by exposing internal functions and assets for third parties to use in their own applications

Many banking or telecommunications companies have launched their API exposure programs to give a broad group of developers access to internal operator functions to enrich their apps and generate new revenue streams.

Developers and consumers expect telecommunications services to be integrated into platforms, and especially with mobile devices. Some as obvious and widespread as Direct Carrier Billing, Form Filling or the display of functions of connected objects in operator IoT solutions. This functionality is especially critical to prevent other providers from occupying markets that may be operators’, such as banking companies or digital providers such as Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon.

With Optare Solutions and ORACLE Communications Service Gatekeeper you can create the infrastructure to expose internal functions, and manage API exposure with all the necessary security guarantees in an operator.

Optare & Oracle OCSG

Optare Solutions Oracle Communications Gold Partner

Optare Solutions, relying on ORACLE Communications Service Gatekeeper (OCSG), can implement the platform to manage an API exposure program with the guarantee required by a telecommunications operator.

OCSG manages the API lifecycle:

  • Create & Publish: Wizard based API creation of APIs in minutes
  • Policy: Extensive policy engine to ensure application quality of service through limits, throttling, black lists, etc
  • Security: API firewall to prevent DDOS, JSON and brute forces attacks, compliant with WS security standards and complete OAuth2 support
  • Onboard & Manage Partners: Automate partner on boarding, manage API lifecycle, discovery and register APIs, and provide self care
  • Monitoring & Analytics: Understand API usage with 30+ out of the box reports
  • Metering & Charging: Charge for API usage based on volume or time through integration with online and offline charging
  • Versioning & Retirement: Publish, deprecate, suspend, retire APIs, enable multiple API versions to be in use


Direct Carrier Billing

Enables payment of simple purchases of digital services with the operator’s bill.

Form Filling

Fill in the online forms with customer data in the operator to speed up the registration process in digital services.


Enables SMS sending for digital services using reliable operator technology


Enables various ways to authenticate customers using the operator’s services (with the operator’s user id and pass, OTP SMS, URL SMS, Mobile Connect…)

Location Check

Verify that customers are in the country they claim to be in, avoiding fraud situations.

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