Converged Web-Telecom Applications
Enhance Communications with new competitive services

Oracle OCCAS + Optare VCP

Converged Web-Telecom Applications involve the delivery or sharing of one or more types of media, whether it is voice/audio, video, images or other types of data, which requires converged applications to interact with media servers.

Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Web telecom ApplicationsOracle Communications Converged Application Server (OCCAS) is a carrier-grade, open, standards-based converged Web-telecom application platform based on the SIP Servlet, Java EE, Web Services, and IMS standards. It is designed for a wide-range of IP-based, communication-enabled applications, such as VoIP, multimedia conferencing, SIP/IMS-based call control and messaging services.

Extend OCCAS functionalities with Optare Solutions Virtual Communications Platform, adding a web interface to easily configure the use cases built on OCCAS, and reduce time to market reusing use cases already configured.

Enable New Business Models

  • Establishes a services-layer foundation and scalable growth infrastructure
  • Realize new revenue from innovative converged Web-Telecom application
  • Maximize profitability of new and existing converged-IP services
  • Extends unified communications and contact center features to enterprise applications
  • Virtual network function (VNF) compliance with network function virtualization (NFV)
Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Converged Web-telecom application container based on SIP Servlet, IMS, Java EE, Diameter, Media Server Control and Web Services
  • Ease of service creation and innovation with seamless composition of Web/HTTP and SIP/IMS features
  • Virtual Network Function (VNF) compliance to Network Function Virtualization
  • Carrier-grade high availability and reliability deployment architecture with geographical redundancy, tiered clustering, and session replication
  • Extreme high performance and low latency with real-time Java runtime, asynchronous session management and virtualization suppor

Top Use Cases

Based on OCCAS Integration possibilities, CSPs can offer advanced services over fixed and mobile communications.

Here are some use cases that can be built thanks to OCCAS and VCP

Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Afterhours Call Restriction

Afterhours Service

Filter out-of-hours incoming work-related calls and allow personal calls.

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Oracle OCCAS Optare Solutions VCP Call Authorization

Call Authorization

Service to restrict certain outgoing calls to selected users, and allow them by requiring a PIN code.

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Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Aliases Numbers

Aliases Numbers

Allow customers to request an alias-number to use for a certain period of time and with a specific behavior (e.g., only receive calls during non-working hours…)

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Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Anoymous Call Identification

Anonymous calls

Allows users to filter anonymous calls (when the caller has not provided their call number), requiring the caller to record their name and then play it back to the service user.

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Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP suspicious calls

Suspicious Calls

Ability to check called numbers in a database and play a warning message if the called number is a malicious number

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