What Are The Benefits Of Measuring QoE?

In the past entry we introduced the importance of measuring QoE, since it’s the most important KPI for the customers. In this post we will detail the main benefits for the operator.

CSPs are at a complicated stage: on the one hand, services consumption is increasing immensely, but revenues are not increasing at the same ratio. Therefore, OPEX reduction is a must, and CAPEX should be managed carefully. On the other hand, OTTs are pressing with newer services and greater customer experience.

So, CSPs need to find new ways of reducing OPEX, CAPEX while increasing Quality of Experience. If you want to improve something, first you need to measure it. And with this Solution, you can obtain very useful information which explains QoE, and how to fix and improve it.

Here are some of the benefits that could be achieved with QoE measurement for each customer.


Increase Customer Knowledge

Obviously, the first benefit is the increase of customer knowledge. In this case, the operator will obtain an important metric, the Quality of Experience perceived by the customers.

You should propagate the QoE measurement to the operator systems and processes, and complement the knowledge of each customer. Make it available to all the processes with customer interaction (marketing campaigns, customer care, …), providing decision support to improve their productivity.

It’s also possible to create new clusterings of clients like gamers, those who watch videos on streaming…..


Increase ROI Of Marketing Campaigns

The QoE value for each customer could be used as a new parameter to use in the preparation of marketing campaigns. It does not matter whether they  are up or cross selling or loyalty campaigns, this new variable will increase the effectiveness of campaigns, helping the main objective: target right customers with the right campaign.

You can detect customers with risk of churn that were undetected before, and target them with the right proposal. Or you can detect customers with better probabilities to accept an offer as they are having great experiences with the services. You can also discard customers during a campaign if their experiences aren’t great and therefore potentially likely to refuse any offer. Discarding these customers in the campaign will increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


Reduce OPEX

In the process of QoE measurement, it’s possible to identify technical issues and the problem that causes low QoE. Once you identify them, many problems could be fixed automatically integrating the solution with OSS systems.

In other cases, it’s possible to detect problems that require human intervention to  fix. However, with this kind of solution, you can create tickets in the service assurance platform, routing them to the right area, and this can be done before any customer makes any interaction with the operator.

It’s also possible to detect problems before they occur. Analytical models could be used to monitor and obtain trends and patterns, and predict future problems with QoE in some areas, or with several clusters of customers… This is very powerful information for the teams in charge of service assurance, they can reduce the cost acting preventively.


Optimize CAPEX

The use of analytical techniques makes it possible to identify those technical parameters that impact the most over the perceived QoE. This information could be used to prioritize investments to enhance QoE.

With the right analytical techniques, you can have geographic information of QoE, and predict what will happen in certain areas. The operator could act on those areas, preventing problems in the future, and de-prioritizing investments in other areas where the situation is better.


The Important One: Become A Customer Centered Organization

The most important benefit for the Operator is becoming a customer centered operator. Once you obtain QoE for each customer, make it the most relevant KPI for the company, at least in all the areas responsible for delivering the service to the customers. Once you take this step, the change is inevitable: customer opinion becomes more relevant than other measurements!

The most relevant KPI for many areas will be the same as for the customer. This will increase cultural and organizational advantages, like the disappearance of some information silos, or greater interaction between departments.

This is one key piece to achieve great results in the current digital transformation projects that the operators are doing.


Download the QoE optimization solution PDF to learn more on how to measure and optimize QoE for your customers.