Anonymous Call Identification
Lets users filter anonymous calls

Service Description

Unknown Caller Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Converged web-telecom applications

The anonymous call restriction service allows the operator to offer its customers personalized filtering of anonymous calls, when the caller hides his calling number.

The user can configure a message to require the anonymous caller to leave a message identifying himself if he wants the call to be routed. The message is played back to the user, who can then decide to answer the call or forward it to voicemail. An SMS/email can then be sent to the call with the voice message.


How it works

The user can configure the service by requesting that on incoming calls with a hidden number, the caller be identified before deciding whether or not to answer the call, or can configure the service to automatically reject all anonymous calls.

In this configuration, incoming calls for users who have activated this service will be routed to OCCAS. OCCAS communicates with MRF requesting the message to be played back to the anonymous caller, asking them to say their identity. This recording is sent to the called user, who can accept or reject the call. In case of rejection it can be diverted directly to voicemail, or rejected without any other action.

In the total restriction configuration, incoming calls for users who have this service activated will be routed to OCCAS, which will route them directly to voicemail, or reject them without further action.


total block or user controlled filtering

the system can be configured to completely block incoming anonymous calls, or to require the caller to provide their name, so that it is the call recipient who decides whether to accept the call or forward it to voicemail.

Message personalization

Each user can personalize their message so that the anonymous caller provides their information if they want their call to be transferred to the called user.

configuración personalizada para cada cliente

allows to configure the service for each individual user, groups of users, etc.

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Increase customer satisfaction and generate more revenues providing your customers with Anonymous Call Filtering. Include it in your offering to differenciate from other CSPs or create a new entity to generate more revenues.

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