Call Authorization
Restrict outgoing calls to customizable numbers and manage authorizations

Service Description

Call Authorization

The Call Authorization service permits the operator to offer its corporate customers the possibility of restricting outgoing calls to their users, and allow them only to users who have the authorized PIN.

When a user wants to make a call that is restricted, a locution prompts them to enter the PIN code. If it is correct, the call is established. Otherwise a voicemail is issued and the call is terminated.

How it works

Outgoing calls are routed to OCCAS, which consults in LDAP/HSS or another external database both the caller number and the called numbering. In the case where the call is restricted, OCCAS will request the MRF for the locutions requesting the PIN in order to establish the call. If the PIN entered is correct, the call is routed back to the IMS to be processed. If the PIN is not entered or is incorrect, the call is rejected.



Possibility of configuring individual numbers, numbering ranges, and even activate it for all the operator’s numbering.


Possibility of configuring individual numbers, numbering ranges, and even activate it for all the destination numbering.

Customization by user

Customization of the multimedia locutions to be played for each user or groups of users.



STC is a telecommunication company based in Saudi Arabia, offering fixed, mobile and internet telephony.

Optare Solutions was responsible for the deployment and configuration of Oracle Communications Converged Advanced Server (OCCAS), and was responsible for implementing the use case on OCCAS to control outgoing calls, filtering them from a specific SIP Trunk and requiring a PIN to establish the call with the final destination.

Optare Solutions integrated OCCAS with the MRF and S-CSCF provider (Huawei) to reproduce the locutions and obtain the PIN

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