Gartner places Optare Solutions among the leading telecom service providers in Europe and Latin America

Optare Solutions has received significant endorsement from the renowned consulting firm Gartner. In their recent report titled “IT Service Provider Selection Guide for CSP CIOs,” Gartner has positioned Optare Solutions as one of the most relevant providers in the telecommunications sector, both in the European and Latin American markets.

The distinction of Optare Solutions as one of the few “regional providers” underscores its significant presence on both continents, through strategically located offices in Vigo (Spain) and Mexico. The American consultancy also highlights the “Telecom-Native” nature of Optare Solutions, acknowledging its deep knowledge and exclusive dedication to the telecommunications field.

Gartner’s report specifically emphasizes the expertise and competencies of Optare Solutions in key areas such as Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS), and Application Programming Interface (API) technologies. This specialized focus positions Optare Solutions as a leader in the implementation and optimization of systems supporting business operations and technical infrastructure in the telecommunications sector.

The recognition bestowed by Gartner not only validates the prominent position of Optare Solutions in the market but also strengthens its ongoing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in both territories. The company’s long and solid track record in the sector is bolstered by this distinction, consolidating its reputation as a reliable and expert partner in technological solutions for telecommunications companies.