Optare Solutions and Telefónica team up to develop Intelligent QoE Analytics

Optare Solutions and Telefónica have teamed up to develop the Intelligent QoE Analytics solution to evaluate the quality of experience received from the services deployed on an Open Source Mano (OSM) platform and, based on this, to carry out corrective and preventive actions to achieve greater benefit from the new services that will be offered over 5G.


The 5G networks that are being deployed around the world will make new use cases a reality, especially in business and public bodies. These new services will be built with specific network requirements for each of them. Thus, we will have networks with ultra-low latency and ultra-high availability needs such as the autonomous car or remote surgery, others with high demand for connected devices such as industry 4.0, and others with a high bandwidth capacity such as entertainment services in mobility and virtual reality.

The success of each of these use cases depends on guaranteeing the quality of experience (QoE) in the use of the service delivered to end users. The services offered in 5G will include cases for different verticals, each with its own QoE requirements and associated SLAs. Therefore the operator must be able to measure the QoE in different scenarios, different devices, and all of this integrated with the network configuration elements enable the necessary actions that guarantee the quality of each scenario. Some use cases can be especially critical, and will require verifying the QoE for each individual user in real time and automatically perform actions on the network.

Optare currently has a QoE optimization solution that allows for the  measurement and optimization of the QoE perceived by users in the use of the services provided by the operator.

With the evolution of  Intelligent QoE Analytics, the optimal use of network slicing will be promoted through the QoE metrics obtained in users’ devices and the integration with the elements and resources of OSM (Open Source Mano) platform to carry out the necessary preventive and corrective actions.

In addition, the Cognitive QoE Analytics module will be developed in order to allow for the incorporation of  new unconsolidated services, for which there is still no formal rule of  measurement into the agile QoE platform.

For Xosé Ramón Sousa, “Optare continues to demonstrate its leadership in QoE measurement in the telecommunications arena. Thanks to this alliance with Telefónica, we will now be able to extend our experience to the 5G context, where Optare has been participating for years in European R&D projects such as Sonata, 5GTango or Veo5G.

Nuria Higuera, of Telefonica’s Innovation Department : “Telefónica is determined to have the maximum guarantees to provide the best service to its customers and meet their expectations. This project will allow us to press forward in this direction and continue to guarantee our quality with the new services that will appear with the arrival of 5G”.