Optare Solutions, a technological company with presence in over 15 countries continues its international expansion

Optare’s commitment to specialization and innovation were two of the aspects highlighted by Juan Cividanes, Director of Igape during his visit. Both features being key elements to continue with internationalization and growth, which has been constant since the company’s founding in 2002. Optare Solutions is also a benchmark company in terms of job creation.

The company closed its last fiscal year, 2017, with a growth of around 50% and a turnover, outside Spain, of 25% of the total. Optare’s strategy of differentiation is that of offering comprehensive advisory services to its clients meeting their technological needs and accompanying them throughout the entire process.
16 years of specialization in the business model of telecom operators presently positions Optare Solutions well above the Galician average in terms of growth and international expansion. This also consolidates Optare Solutions as a strategic partner for global technology projects.
In terms of job creation, plans for international expansion and growth will allow Optare to continue to bet on Galician talent and increase its current staff, of more than 120 professionals, who carry out their work from the offices in Vigo, Madrid,Ourense and Mexico..
Optare Solutions has benefited from the ‘ Igape Foexga Plan’ to promote its investment and gain international presence as a leading technological services company. Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, The Emirates and Mexico are some of the countries in which, to date, the company has participated in trade missions.