Outstanding participation of Optare Solutions in TDA Europe

On 31st and 1st of November we had the opportunity to exhibit at Telco Data Analytics & AI Europea specific event for operators and partners to share their latest experiences and innovations in a field as important today as data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We were able to introduce Augura (our solutions for telco marketing optimization based on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics) to over 200 participants from operators around the world and show the online demo of QoE optimization. QoE optimization is a solution used to measure and optimize the Quality of Experience perceived by users of telecommunication services measured directly from end-user devices, and allows the operator to:

  • increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • reduce OPEX and CAPEX
  • increase ROI of marketing campaigns

In the event, dedicated to :

  • 5G network data analysis
  • The potential of AI and MD in modern telecommunications
  • The evolution of location-based data based
  • New data monetization strategies

we have been able to verify in situ the concern among the operators to know and improve the users experience, and the use of analytics to obtain it. We have seen how operators and providers have very good solutions for measuring the quality of their services on the network, but very few know the quality of  the actual experience perceived by users on their devices.

Our participation, also allowed us to explore new ways of collaboration with other companies in the telecommunications industry, to offer new solutions and help operators deal with the transformation that users are asking for.