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Currently telecommunication market is a mature and very competitive one, where increase in revenue is becoming more and more complicated. Yet operators continue to require strong levels of investment, which complicates their sustainability.

Differences in the offers among operators are hardly noticeable to the user who when switching from one operator to another may lose services they don’t or haven’t so far perceived. In the B2C market, operators focus very much on complementing the offer of TV content, increasing internet download speed or increasing the data included in the mobile tariff.

In the business market, large corporations need to solve specific problems in their communications. In many cases solving these needs in their own infrastructure, dedicating their own resources to create solutions that could be solved by telecommunications operators.

Telephony services barely receive improvement as there seems to be less capacity to generate new revenues, yet there exists an opportunity to generate new Value added Services that either produce new revenues or help differ them from the competition.

However, if we consider the tools and platforms that must manage customer calls with the criticality this entails, creating new services is not an easy task.


Optare Solutions VCP & Oracle OCCAS

Oracle Communications Converged Application Server  (OCCAS) is an open, converged web-telecom application platform based on the SIP Servlet, Java EE, web services and IMS standards. It is designed for a wide range of IP-based and communications-enabled applications such as VoIP, multimedia conferencing, call control and messaging services based on SIP/IMS.

Optare Solutions Virtual Communications Platform (VCP) expands OCCAS functionality by adding web interfaces to easily configure use cases built on OCCAS, and reduce start up time with pre-configured use cases.

Thanks to Oracle OCCAS & Optare VCP, the operator:

      • Establishes a service layer foundation and scalable infrastructure
      • Gains new revenue with innovative web- Telecom convergent applications.
      • Maximizes the profitability of new and existing IP converged services.

OCCAS is a Web- Telecom convergent application container based on SIP Servlet, IMS, JavaEE, Diameter, Meter Server control and web services. It is deployed with an architecture of high availability and reliability, with geographic redundancy, clustering by levels, and session replication. Performance is extremely high with low latency, with Java runtime in real time….

The combination of Oracle OCCAS and Optare VCP enables the creation of innovative services with a perfect composition of Web/HTTP and SIP/IMS functions.


Learn how Optare Solutions & Oracle OCCAS can help you generate new revenue and stand out from the competition.

Most legacy communication applications are built on proprietary platforms which lack Enterprise capabilities. As a result, many CSP and Enterprises are challenged with long lead times and associated high costs of developing and deploying communication applications. By providing an open, standards-based, virtualized converged application platform with integrated SIP and Web capabilities, OCCAS helps customers worldwide reduce the cost and time of developing and deploying carrier- grade, converged applications by over 70%. It enables customers to maximize profitability from existing services, realize new revenue from innovative converged Web-Telecom applications, and implement new features in their existing enterprise Unified Communication (UC) and contact center networks.

These are a few simple examples of use cases that can be enabled to enhance your customers’ communications, generating new revenue and standing out from the competition, while improving customer satisfaction resulting in less churn:

  • Multiconference
  • Aliases numbers
  • Anonymous call filtering
  • Ring back tone
  • Voice Recording

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