Introducing our new corporate image

At Optare Solutions we are about to make a debut: we present our new corporate identityan evolution that symbolises a time of change and growth that we are experiencing, but on the solid foundations on which it was built, and which our customers continually endorse with their confidence. Thus, the new identity collects the DNA of the previous image and projects it towards the exciting future that awaits us.

The new identity will also connect all initiatives, solutions, products or projects under a single thread.

The renewal comes while we are approaching the company’s 18 years, and is a step further forward to address the strong international expansion, with new projects throughout Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

new corporate website has been completely renewed, with a modern design and adapted to new technologies, with a cleaner structure intended to help our customers find information to help them in their business. Hence, the new news section which incorporates interesting content based on our experience in more than 2,000 projects in more than 30 operators around the world.



bet on innovation: optare labs


With the new image we do not want to leave out our clear commitment to innovation with the creation of optare labs, the umbrella for the R&D projects we carry out with the most important operators and manufacturers (Telefónica, British Telecom, Altice Alcatel-Lucent, Cellnex…) in the most cutting-edge areas in telecommunications, such as the development of technologies that will support NFV, 5G, IoE,…

analytics for telcos: augura

We have also renewed the image of our telco analytics solution, augura. A set of solutions for operational marketing optimization based on the most modern technologies of big data analytics.



This new image has been developed in collaboration with Radar Studio and the new website has been implemented by Hacce Soluciones.