Optare teams with Vitria Technology to deliver joint solutions that advance Digital Operations and business transformation Initiatives of operators in Europe

Optare Solutions today announced partnership with Vitria to deliver joint solutions that advance the digital operations and business transformation initiatives of operators in Europe.

Optare Solutions will showcase their solutions on Vitria’s VIA AIOps platform at the Telco Data Analytics & AI Europe live at the ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK on 05-06 November.

 Vitria’s VIA AIOps platform will allow greater volumes of granular data to be transmitted across the network that requires intelligent management and analysis. It will cover topics like avoiding network failure with predictive analytics and compatibility of legacy systems with a real-time analytics approach.

With current 5G deployments operators can rely on Vitria’s AIOps platform to give them Real-Time Visibility, Advanced Anomaly Detection, Dynamic Population, Incident Resolution Life Cycle, and Predictive Failure. Enabling closed-loop automation across all layers of service delivery to improve customer experience and optimize operations.

“Vitria’s AIOps platform, VIA, along with its Digital Operations templates enable projects to get launched rapidly and to bring different stakeholders on the same page consistently. When combined with the solution for Quality of Experience (QoE) offered by Optare Solutions, NSPs have now, in addition, access to the information of the customer’s perceived experience, when using the services with a specific device (Smart Phones, PCs, Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes…) and allow them to quickly react.” said Sergio Pereira, Marketing and Innovation Director at Optare Solutions.

“The combination of Digital Operations and AIOps enable network service providers to refocus operations around customer experience and other critical business metrics such as revenue generation—instead of focusing only on the traditional IT metrics of speeds, feeds, uptime and availability. Optare Solutions is, since 2006, a key partner for Vitria for major Telecom projects implementations involving Vitria’s software products. This new agreement reinforces the joint experience and expertise.” said Guy Bouchon, Director Europe, Vitria.

About Vitria
Move from Data to Actions. Vitria’s wide-scope AIOps platform, VIA, enables closed-loop automation across all layers of service delivery to improve customer experience and optimize operations. Ingest, analyze and act on real-time data and gather and correlate new sources with VIA’s low-code tool kit and pluggable analytics framework. Realize your AIOps vision with VIA.