Digital Operations Suite
Through digital transformation, organizations change how goods and services are produced, delivered and supported. VIA accelerates your journey to Digital Operations excellence.

VIA Digital Operations Suite

There are more internet connected devices across the world than people on the planet!

This growth stresses all layers of the service delivery stack – from core network capacity to application compute and data storage, creating a lot of DATA stored in silos across the operator.

VIA Digital Operations Suite eliminates the silos
– leveraging all the data in real time

The VIA Digital Operations Suite leverages the VIA Analytics Platform, providing low-code, big data analytics, including pre-assembled templates.

Optare Solutions implement digital operations in days rather than months.

VIA Solution Templates feature agonistic collection interfaces, pre-built data visualization and schema, applied AI, intuitive GUI components and workflow automation functions.
Templates may be configured and extended by Optare Solutions.


Benefits include:

·  Improved customer experience by providing a resilient and predictable infrastructure for service delivery that minimizes churn·

·  Reduced cost of managing increasingly complex environments

·  Increased revenue with decreased losses and lower opex – resulting in greater profitability

Better Outcomes

·  Fast Innovation Cycle

·  Low-code / no-code development

·  Self-service BI/OI

·  Faster time to solution

Smarter Actions

·  Prescriptive analytics for “next best action”

·  Intelligent (automated) actions

·  Alerting and notifications

Faster Analytics

·  Fast data ingestion

·  Fast Advanced Analytics – descriptive, predictive, prescriptive

·  Fast operationalization of models

Businesses Rely on Operations – Operations Rely on VIA

·  Improved customer experience by providing a resilient and predictable infrastructure for service delivery that minimizes churn

·  Reduced cost of managing increasingly complex environments

·  Improved profitability – Increase revenues while decreasing losses and lowering opex 

5 stages to Digital Operations Excellence

A Framework for Digital Operations Excellence
It is useful to think of Digital Operations as a journey made up of several stages, each stage building on the previous one to eventually achieve a substantial transformation (see Figure 1). This sequential approach ensures that changes introduced are in line with people capabilities and process readiness; it mitigates risks to allow a smooth transformation.
Note that many organizations have already deployed solutions and created processes to address some of these areas. In these situations, it is important to keep in mind that despite its sequential nature, organizations can adopt this framework at any stage, provided they have achieved the required level of maturity described in the previous stage


Obtain meaningful information to understand actual performance of your services and make decisions with appropriate timing.

By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning algorithms, anomalies can be detected faster and with greater accuracy

By automatically detecting changes and finding if they are generating anomalies, operations teams have greater control over change  management activities and can act quickly

Applying event-to-event correlations and machine learning techniques to aggregate in real-time all related anomalies and present only meaningful incidents, updating the severity and prioritizing its resolution based on actual and predicted business impacts.

This is potentially one of the most valuable stages as it allows potential problems to be solved before they impact the business or customers


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