Oracle OSM Assessments

Based on a long experience in Oracle OSM consulting, training, implementation, maintenance and operation projects, and with the Specialized Platinum Partner certification in Oracle Order and Service Management, we offer speccial assesments services, to improve general behavoir of the system, reduce issues, operational costs and time to market

OSM assessment catalogue

OSM Tunning Assessment

Analysis of the configuration parameters and architecture of the platform in order to identify improvements, possible performance issues and potential bottlenecks. The service will be carried out by a Technical Architect, expert on OSM performance and maintenance. A set of configurations changes and recommendations will be the outcome

Benefits: After this assessment it will be possible to apply a different set of configurations to improve the general behaviour of the application. For instance: improve deployment process, load balancing, listing orders in web clients, improve order processing and messages consuming, etc… Typically, you will get several quick wins which will improve the user experience and facilitate the platform management.

Performance Assessment

Full analysis of the OSM implementation which will include tunning assessment and the implementation revision. The service will consist in workshops with the technical team and key users of the operator and the analysis of the configuration parameters, design review and code analysis. The analysis will be conducted on site by an expert team in implementation and product maintenance. The outcome will be a document with a list of recommendations and its benefits, identifying those who can be implemented as Quick Wins. A high level estimation effort for applying each benefit will be included.

Benefits: After this assessment a list of recommendations will allow you to improve the general behaviour of the system. The Quick Wins approach facilitates prioritization of recommendations, i.e., of benefits: order processing improvement, development and deployment time reduction, issues reduction, etc… After applying the full set of recommendations, is possible to reduce issues, operational costs and time to market

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