Optare Solutions collaborates with Oracle in webRTC TADHack Madrid 2014

TADHack (www.tadhack.com) is an initiative that helps developers to discover the latest resources that Telecom Companies offer to third parties, in order to complete their applications or services with new and exciting real time communication functionalities such us, call management, direct carrier billing, network based geo-position, text messages, video and audio calls.

TADHack participants can join in, even if they are physically not there. It will be live-streamed from Madrid, enabling teams to compete remotely. During the event it will be possible to listen to expert speakers from around the world and meet the international community of telecom app developers innovating in communications. Developers participating in the Hackathon will have a chance to win $25,000 in prize money and over $5,000 in prizes for the best ideas across the telecom application development themes.

Oracle, as one of the main event’s sponsors, facilitates to developers the latest SDP solutions that allows a Telecoms API secure service exposure using Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper (OSCG) and Oracle Communications webRTC Session Controller (OCWSC). These best of breed platforms connects WebRTC sessions into the network enabling communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to offer Web Real Time Communication services – from virtually any device, across virtually any network – with carrier-grade reliability and security. Also, OCWSC provides signaling, address and media interworking to support large scale, reliable interoperable, universal communications.

Optare Solutions collaborates with the deployment and administration of the environments proposed by Oracle to be used by TADHack developers and publish and maintain the Oracle resources site for TADHack with documentation, example code and video guides of the Oracle Solutions (OCSG and OCWSC). Optare Solutions consultants will  also support the developers community teaching on best practices and helping with issues and doubts using Oracle’s TADHack resources.

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