Afterhours Service
Allows users to filter out-of-hours calls

Service Description

Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Incoming Call

The Afterhours service allows the operator to offer all its customers the possibility of blocking personal/work calls at personalised times.

When receiving an incoming out-of-hours call on the mobile or fixed line, the customer can configure an option in a voice menu, which allows the caller to select “1” for a work-related call or “2” for a personal call.

When “1” is selected, the system diverts the work-related call to the work voicemail and sends an email/text message to the customer with a link where they can hear the message left. If the caller selects “2”, the call is normally made.

How it works

When users with the activated service receive an incoming call after hours, OCCAS captures the call, connects to the MRF to retrieve the voice-over that the user has previously recorded, asking the caller to identify whether it is a personal or professional call. The caller presses the corresponding menu option. If it is a personal call, OCCAS forwards the call to the IMS so that the call is established. If the call is professional, OCCAS asks MRF for the voice-over that indicates that no work calls are received outside working hours.

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