Aliases Numbers
Allows users to use secondary numbers temporarily

Service Description

Oracle OCCAS Optare VCP Aliases Numbers

The Aliases Numbers service allows the operator to offer all its customers the possibility of using temporary numbers other than their own number.

The customer may need to provide a number to use for a certain time and that is not their final number. This temporary number may also have a specific configuration different from that of the customer’s actual number.

For example, a customer wants to sell his car and does not want to provide his real number, when placing the ad on web portals, but a temporary one to stop using once the transaction is over.


How it works

Customers with the service activated will have a second number at their disposal. When a call is received on that number OCCAS intercepts it and routes it to the main line, adding a mark for the terminal to identify it as a call to the temporary number.

When the customer with the service makes a call, OCCAS intercepts it and asks the customer with which numbering he wants to make the call. OCCAS converts the caller number and routes the call to the IMS core.

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