SONATA 3.0 Release

We are proud to announce the release of SONATA 3.0, the latest major release of SONATA integrated platform.

This release includes all the software components developed,  integrated, tested and qualified during the life-time of the project. All these components are published under Apache 2.0 licence in a public GitHub repository, freely available for download and ready to be installed.
This release brings new great functionality and SONATA becomes more attractive with product-like code that can be easily adopted and used by other organisations and projects.
We worked hard to lower the usage entry-barrier by designing an easy and automated installation process and creating compelling and complete documentation, including tutorial videos.
SONATA development pipeline also includes a final stage of validation and qualification meant to assess the reliability of the code and to ensure its stability.

SONATA consists of two main components:

  • The SONATA Software Development Kit (SDK) is a modular set of light-weight software tools which offers mechanisms for the development and validation of virtual network functions and services. It includes an editor for service descriptors, an emulator to locally test developed services, monitoring data analysis tools, service storage, packaging and publishing tools.
  • The SONATA Service Platform (SP) consists of highly modular and customizable management and orchestration (MANO) framework composed of various loosely coupled micro-services/plugins. It offers the functionality to: 1)orchestrate and manage network services during their life-cycle, 2) interact with the underlying virtual infrastructure through Virtual Infrastructure Managers (VIM) and WAN Infrastructure Managers (WIM) to efficiently use a heterogeneous set of virtual resources, 3) store available network services and functions in dedicated catalogues, 4) show the status of the deployed network services/functions, the virtual infrastructure and the virtual resources through a set of repositories, and 5) interact with the outside world through a single entity, called the Gatekeeper.

SONATA also supports interoperability with Operation Support and SLA management, facilitating the integration with other external systems (i.e. Billing).

SONATA 3.0 release main improvements : 

  • Improved customizability/programmability of the MANO framework
  • Support for VNF chaining
  • Novel validation tool for network services
  • OpenStack-like VIM interface emulation for MANO integration
  • Added location-awareness for placement decisions
  • Improvements for multi-PoP environments
  • Improved user, role and group management
  • Improved access control
  • Support for licence management
  • Improved installation process
  • Other additional features, bug fixes, performance improvements

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