Optare Solutions named as TM Forum Outstanding Contributor

This Award is given to companies that work to develop and evolve the Frameworx standards, and demonstrate a stunning devotion to this work.
Over the last year, Optare Solutions contribute to the development and maintenance of Shared Interface Infrastructure (SII) tooling, specifically the SOAP Generator, providing the new features on time and with a high level of quality. This work allow to move the SII tool forward in the Frameworx 12.5 release. Our colleague Xose-Ramon Sousa had received this Award in Madrid.

Xosé Ramón Sousa, in the middle, receiving the Award.
The purpose of the  TIP Shared Interface Infrastructure is the development of the TM Forum Interface framework, which is a design methodology and software environment (methodology + tooling) to support the development of all the TM Forum Interface feature deliverables, and the TM Forum Interface implementation toolkits to help with the development of the RI (Reference Implementations) and CTK (Compliancy Test Kits) for each TM Forum Interface as well as their implementations.
The TIP SII initiative will allow the standardization of the Telecommunications Interfaces looking for a way to Rapid Interface Delivery, alignment of all data structures with the SID, and to have a reference implementation of the TM Forum Frameworx standards.
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